rogue wolf creations

Rogue Wolf Creations is underway of producing a personalized documentary entitled LIFEOLOGY SERIES that would capture people’s lives, including their art, their pets, their relationships, their work and whatever they want to share to the world.

Since not everyone is capable to create a good video narrative,  LIFEOLOGY SERIES PETS aspires to commemorate (in video form) the unforgettable stories about your beloved pets. Seeing that this is a pioneering product that has yet to be produced, RWC will be filming the first cat lover story for FREE!

The filming will include:

  1. MUSIC VIDEO STYLE (Pre-nuptial treatment)

Both products will be given in hi-resolution for social media posting. The best story will be awarded with the free filming. The final output will be made as a banner demo reel for RWC’s LIFEOLOGY SERIES PETS.

Think of this as a way of immortalizing your relationship with your beloved pets! So sign up now!

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LIFEOLOGY SERIES is a service oriented product developed by RWC.